SINGAPORE’S PINOY ENDORSERS. (L-R) Yardstick Cafe owner Andre Chanco, Singapore Tourism Board’s (STB) Edward Koh, Singapore’s Ambassador to the Philippines Kok Li Peng, STB’s Lael Loh, celebrity and entrepreneur Mikael Daez and Hey Handsome’s Nicco Santos are all smiles on Friday, September 15, during the opening of the Singapore Travel Showcase held at SM Megamall Fashion Hall. (Robby Joy D. Salveron/

MANILA, Philippines – Singapore formally revealed on Friday, September 15, its latest tourism slogan “Passion Made Possible” a tagline which drew mixed reactions back on the island city-state but is hoped to win Philippine tourists.

As part of its strategy, the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) revealed on the same day three Filipinos who have discovered and pursued their passion in Singapore.

The named Filipino Passion Ambassadors were coffee enthusiast and Yardstick Café owner Andre Chanco; Founder and Culinary Director of Your Local, Hey Handsome and Any Any restaurants Nicco Santos; and YouTube star, model-actor Mikael Daez.

“We believe we can be a destination for our visitors to discover new possibilities and fulfil their passions. Therefore, it is no longer just about what our visitors can do in Singapore, but also what they can be in Singapore,” Edward Koh, STB executive director, said during the launch.

The rebrand, a replacement of the “Uniquely Singapore” line, drew criticisms among many Singaporeans, with some saying it’s vague and uninspiring.

But Koh said the new message is a representation of the Singaporean “passion-driven, never settling spirit of determination” mindset, one that turns possibilities into realities.

“You don’t make a country out of nothing, you don’t survive for 50 years unless there is a deep and burning passion of desire to build to become successful, to become something,” Kok Li Peng, Singapore Ambassador to the Philippines added.

The Philippines and Singapore have close relations, being part of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations bloc. A lot of Filipinos move into the small but powerful and wealthy city-state for work, although some have had bitter experiences there.

In her speech, Kok recognized the efforts of the Singaporeans especially by the country’s founding father, Lee Kuan Yew in gaining independence in 1965.

Peng said Lee Kuan Yew’s passion “laid the foundation” of the country and its thriving development in infrastructures, law and policies, education and health.

Lee was Singapore’s first Prime Minister and served the country for three decades. During his term, Singapore saw rapid economic development. (

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