GMA’s release, an injustice to the People

Jul. 26, 2012

Press Release
26 July 2012

GMA’s release, an injustice to the People

In an unprecedented turn-out of events, the church people were caught in an appalling surprise with the release of former president GMA from detention in VMMC as the Pasay Regional Court ruled out provisional liberty on the ground of insufficient quantum of proof on the electoral sabotage charges and after posting bail in the amount of one million pesos.

“Two days after Aquino’s third State of the Nation Address and coping from the beatings brought by state police during the People’s Sona, this unfolding event has again unmasked the rhetorics and empty promises that have characterized Aquinos’ leadership.” says Nardy Sabino, General Secretary of the Promotion of Church People’s Response.

Sabino who received a total of 23 lashes from the indiscriminate beatings of dispersal units is one among 95 injured protesters and joined thousand others in asserting their rights to peaceful assembly towards the House of Representatives, Batasan, Quezon City.

Despite all the resources the government can utilize, the release of GMA is a clear telling sign that justice will remain elusive for victims and their families of human rights violations and economic plunder and filing charges against GMA will be a card under its sleeve ready to be played up in the event of failing ratings or a poor rehashed script for governance.

The failure of this government to make Arroyo accountable runs contrary to his speech 48 hours ago that Aquino is “kakampi” to those whose rights are maligned and trampled.  With GMA’s release, Palparan still at large and the rest of unresolved cases of human rights violations, Aquino further sealed the impunity that runs prevalent in our land.

We encouraged the church people to keep watch of the unfolding events and demand from the government that peace will only be achieved when justice is served.  Let us hold fast to what we have attained (Philippians 3:16).

Mr. Nardy Sabino


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