Almost 20,000 jaywalkers apprehended in 4 months

Apr. 18, 2017

DAVAO CITY, Philippines — The 19 anti-jaywalking personnel of the City Traffic and Transportation Management Office apprehended a total of 19,680 violators since the strict implementation of the Anti-Jaywalking Ordinance from Dec. 1 last year to March 31.

The violators however, went off the hook without paying the P100 fine because the CTTMO has not yet acquired the citation tickets. Instead, the violators were booked for a seminar in the CTTMO headquarters to clear their name from the list.

In a press conference on Monday, CTTMO Chief Dionesio Abude said the tickets are already for printing, but was not able to specify when the tickets will arrive.

Meanwhile, Abude also announced that they will be painting a total of 2,000 pedestrian lanes all over the city, with the intersections in national highways being shouldered by the Department of Public Works and Highways.

The CTTMO meanwhile, will be prioritizing the central business areas of the city.

In an effort to address the growing traffic problem in the city, the CTTMO will also be holding two meetings with the technical personalities of Davao, including consultants from Abratique and Associate Inc., the contractor of the city’s traffic signalization program from April 27 to 28.

The purpose of the two meetings, Abude said, will be to reorient the CTTMO personnel regarding the expanded traffic signalization scheme of the city, as well as to address the problems reported by their personnel.

Abude also announced the resumption of the Public Utility Vehicle Driver’s Education Program seminars on April 19 at the Davao City Recreation Center or Almendras Gym, which will be held twice a month until Nov. 26.

As in previous seminars, 1,000 drivers will be scheduled for the seminars every month, with 500 to be scheduled in the morning and another 500 in the afternoon. (

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