Chinese vice mayor to Pulong: Davao will have a bright future

Oct. 28, 2016

SHANGHAI, China — A ranking Chinese official warmly welcomed Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte who visited Shanghai to explore possible investments for Davao City.

Shanghai Vice Mayor Chen Yin assured the presidential son of more ‘exchanges’ between their cities, noting the positive outcome of the recent visit of President Rodrigo Duterte in China.

“The visit of President Duterte greatly improved our bilateral relations and brought up many opportunities and exchanges,” Yin told Vice Mayor Duterte in a reception held at the Shanghai City Hall Wednesday morning.

Yin was optimistic that the improved relations between China and the Philippines will be beneficial to cities like Davao.

“I am sure that with great support from our governments, we can make contributions to our relationship and cooperation,” he said.

He told the presidential son that Shanghai is also committed to strengthen its relationship with Davao City.

“I wish that your visit to Shanghai will be fruitful,” he said.

Vice Mayor Duterte noted how Davao City is determined to improve the livelihood of the people by welcoming investments that could result in the generation of jobs and economic growth.

“Davao City is determined to work harder to change the lives of our people for the better,” he said.

He cited Davao’s competitiveness and potentials, particularly on tourism, agriculture, property development, energy,  transportation infrastructure, and information and communications technology.

“We hope to partner with the government of China and Shanghai in the realization of our objectives as a developed, progressive, and peaceful city,” he said.

Yin said the opportunities presented by Vice Mayor Duterte are clearly for the development of Davao.

“I am sure Davao will have a bright future,” he said.

Vice Mayor Duterte, who was accompanied by five members of the City Council and other officials of the local government, also met with Chinese exporters of Philippine bananas and other business groups. CIO

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