City security tightened for Kadayawan festivities

Aug. 01, 2019

DAVAO CITY, Philippines — Authorities will be deploying thousands of personnel to ensure public safety during the 34th celebration of Kadayawan Festival.

Starting August 1, the Public Safety and Security Command Center (PSSCC) will deploy a total of 27,560 security and safety personnel in various events and public areas in the city.

PSSCC Deputy Head Angel Sumagaysay said an average deployment of more or less 800 personnel will be stationed everyday in various events and key areas of Davao City as local and international tourist are expected to attend scheduled Kadayawan events.

5,412 personnel will be deployed for the Inday-Indak sa Kadayawan this August 17 while on August 24, PSSCC will deploy a total of 5,391 personnel to secure the Pamulak sa Kadalanan event.

“This was already approved in the City Council and we are thankful that the City government is responsive of all the required security protocols,” said Sumagaysay.

The 27,560 personnel is composed of security forces coming from Davao City Police Office (DCPO) with augmentation from Police Regional Office 12, forces from Task Force Davao and Armed Forces of the Philippines, City Transport and Traffic Management Office (CTTMO), Central 911 and other force multipliers under the PSSCC.

No Jacket Policy

The Task Force Davao and the DCPO are now reminding the public that they will double their security protocol for the scheduled events.

This time the authorities will strictly implement the ‘No Jacket Policy’ in addition to the lists of do’s and don’ts during Kadayawan Festival celebration.

Task Force Davao explained that the new policy will prohibit the public from wearing jackets during events as it may be possibly used for any terrorist or security attacks.

“30 meters before the event area, we will conduct a checkpoint to remind the public of the No Jacket Policy,” said Major Legarde.

Jackets are only allowed for individuals with medical issues and motorcycle drivers but they are still subject for inspection.

The authorities also reminded the public to refrain from bringing their backpacks to the event areas, not to smoke in public places, and not to bring alcoholic drinks inside the event area.

The public is also prohibited from bringing non-transparent water bottles or canisters inside or within the event area, carrying firearms, bringing/taking drugs and party drugs, and wearing of bull caps in event areas and malls.

There is also a strict implementation of the no flying of drones except with a security clearance in event areas, wearing of military, police and other law enforcement uniforms, and using laser lights in the event area.

The PSSCC and the DCPO are also reminding the public that bringing infants and small children during concerts are strongly discouraged. (

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