GMA and ilk should be punished for Rebelyn’s death and other HR violations

Mar. 15, 2009

GMA and ilk should be punished for Rebelyn’s death and other HR violations
“Gloria Arroyo draws the last straw with the abduction and brutal slay of Rebelyn. She is nowhere near redeeming herself in this foulest violation of human rights against the Filipino people.”

This was the statement of Bagong Alyansang Makabayan Hong Kong (Bayan-HK) as it condemned the abduction, rape and murder of Rebelyn Pitao, a 20-year old teacher from Davao City, Philippines.

Rebelyn was abducted on the evening of March 5 and was found dead the following day with stab wounds on her torso and a laceration on her genitalia proving that she was violated.

Norman Uy Carnay, information officer for Bayan-HK, found incredible President Gloria Arroyo’s statement to push the Philippine human rights commission and other government agencies ‘to act decisively’ on Rebelyn’s case.

“It is hard to believe such a statement from a president who has openly expressed to crush the national liberation movement,” Carnay added, citing the overwhelming number of military-linked attacks committed against Arroyo’s critics, activists and opposition forces, legal or underground.

Bayan-HK highlighted Oplan Bantay Laya I and II (Operation Plan Guard Freedom), a military-devised counter-insurgency scheme which heightened red-baiting of progressive legal organizations and killed several activist leaders and members. The number of extrajudicial killings is pegged more than 1000 while abductions or enforced disappearances beyond 200.

Reference: Norman Uy Carnay, BAYAN-HK Information Officer

Contact No. 96472567

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