IN PHOTOS: Decades-old residents of Salmonan lost their homes in demolition

May. 09, 2018

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – The cries and pleas of decades-old residents of Barangay 26-C Salmonan here did not stop the demolition team from destroying 67 of their homes despite their claims of an ongoing legal process.

At around 5 am on May 5, 2018, residents were woken by the swoop of hundreds of battle-ready police officers including SWAT snipers. They blocked all the exits and a zero tolerance on resistance was said to be implemented during this demolition.

The residents tried to convince the demolition team and the police commanders that their lawyer is on the way to better explain the legal aspect of their situation but this did not deter the demolition team.

Here are some photos of the demolition:

An armored personnel carrier of the Philippine Army’s Task Force Davao was even employed to carry-out the demolition. (Mark Joy G. Basallajes/

Members of demolition team wreck the roofs of structures and houses with sledgehammer during the execution of a demolition order in Brgy. 26-C Salmonan in Davao City on Monday, May 7. The Presidential Commission for the Urban Poor said the implementation of demolition will last for three days.(Kath M.Cortez/

HAMMERED. Members of a demolition team destroyed 67 houses in Barangay 26C-Salmonan window-by-window, wall-by-wall, floor-by-floor at a time last May 07.(Mark Joy G. Basallajes/

TO SAFETY. A child was led out of police out of the demolition area while their houses in Barangay 26C-Salmonan were being destroyed last May 07.(Mark Joy G. Basallajes/

WOUNDED. A member of a demolition team was wounded while carrying out an order to destroy 67 houses in Brgy 26C-Salmonan last May 07.(Mark Joy G. Basallajes/

BLOCKED. A police officer attempted to block some members of the media who wished to cover the demolition of houses in Barangay 26C-Salmonan last May 07. The media were later allowed to enter after by police commanders.(Mark Joy G. Basallajes/

HELPLESS. A mother sat helplessly with her two children while they look at a demolition team destroy their house in Barangay 26-C Salmonan last May 07.(Kath M. Cortez/

DESTROYED. A demolition team destroy a concrete house late afternoon of date amidst strong opposition of Brgy 26C-Salmonan residents who said they were still waiting for a Supreme Court decision on their case.(Kath M. Cortez/

TRASHED. Children retrieve what is left of their homes including a plastic cabinet after the demolition team started to dismantle almost 80 houses in Barangay 26C-Salmonan at around 9 a.m. last Monday,May 07.(Kath M. Cortez/

HOLY. A boy secures their family’s Koran after their house in Barangay 26-C was among the 67 which were destroyed by a police and army-aided demolition. (Mark Joy G. Basallajes/


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