Moro women leaders train for Bangsamoro gov’t

Feb. 28, 2017

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – Almost a hundred Moro women attended a training development in the fields of gender, peace, and governance in preparation for the implementation of the Bangsamoro government held in a hotel here, Monday.

Karen Tañada, h​ead of ​s​ecretariat of the ​Women Engaged in Action on UNSCR 1325, said the training as provided in the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 would focus on “one women, gender, peace, and governance.”

On October 2000, the UNSCR passed the Resolution 1325 which acknowledged women’s peacemaking roles as well as the disproportionate impact of violent conflict based on their experiences of conflict to the international peace and security agenda.

“We know that it would be better if women will have strong participation on the new Bangsamoro government,” Tañada said adding that the training “will be in preparation for the women in the Bangsamoro.”

The government recently launched the Bangasamoro Transition Commission here. The BTC will craft the Bangsamoro Basic Law to establish the new Bangsamoro government that will replace the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao.

“Women’s right for meaningful political participation will be included during the establishment of the new Bangsamoro government. That is why we have this preparation,” she said.

The 93 participants of the training include officials of the areas covered by the new Bangsamoro government with two mayors, barangay chair, and councilors.

WEACT 1325 recognized that these 93 Moro women already have skills but said  there is a need to increase their knowledge in gender and development.

“They already have skills but we want to increase their knowledge particularly about gender and development,” Tañada  said.

“It is not enough that you are just women, you should also understand the concepts of gender and equality and development,” Tañada  added.

Meanwhile, partner organization of WEACT 1325, the OXFAM Philippines said that the training aims to empower women and build leadership.

“This is obviously priority for many and this is hopefully giving the women who are here all the skills and we have to play more active role in this development process and became more active leaders in their communities,” Richard Mawer, Country Director, Oxfam in the Philippines said.

The said training and development of Moro women in relation to peace process of the Bangsamoro is part of the 3-year program of OXFAM.

After the training here, the OXFAM Philippines will carry on to different community level training which will also cater Moro women.

Economic development and disaster response

Mawer, however, said they already arranged programs, which will have to with economic, social development, reproductive health, and disaster reduction.

“Mindanao being an area where it is regular to be affected by cyclones. We are looking to work with communities to minimize the impact of cyclones when it happened,” Mawer said.

Mawer said that women have an active role to play during disasters.

“When the cyclone hits, they [women] have minimized the problems for the families, communities, crops,” he said.

The said Women Training and Development activity will be OXFAM’s seventh training, adding to their list of 908 women leaders under the 3-year project. (

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