SC Frees Bayan Muna’s Ocampo

Apr. 03, 2007

MANILA — Bayan Muna Representative Satur C. Ocampo today walks out of his detention cell, the Manila Police District headquarters, after the Supreme Court granted his petition for release upon payment of a P100,000 cash bond.

I went to the Supreme Court with clean hands and with a clear conscience. I am now vindicated, said Ocampo, upon being informed of the courts ruling.

According to Ocampo, that the court granted me bail for a non-bailable offense such as multiple murder shows that the governments case against me is fatally defective and seriously weak.

Ocampo and his lead counsel, Atty. Romeo Capulong, have said that the solon will post bail to ensure his release within the day.

Murder is a capital offense in the Philippines. Suspected murderers may not post bail when the evidence of guilt is strong.

Ocampo was arrested on March 16 at the Supreme Court premises minutes after filing a petition for certiorari seeking to nullify the multiple murder charge and to quash the arrest warrant against him.

Ocampo also gave this advice to those who persecute him: My tormentors and detractors should examine their conscience especially this Holy Week.

I can now reassume my duties as president and first nominee of Bayan Muna, rejoin the campaign trail, and bring my party to victory in the May 14 elections, said Ocampo.

Upon leaving the MPD, Ocampo will lead a Bayan Muna motorcade to Manilas downtown district of Quiapo before proceeding to the partys headquarters for a celebration with party officers, members, and supporters.

Reacting to the militarys press conference this morning, Ocampo said: The Armed Forces of the Philippines should stop exploiting the grief of purge victims and their families in their plot to demonize me and Bayan Muna.

Now on his second term as congressman, Ocampo is a deputy minority leader in the House of Representatives and president of Bayan Muna, the countrys most popular partylist organization. ###

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