VIDEO | Duterte talks to Communist leader Joma Sison on Skype

May. 01, 2016

DAVAO CITY — In this video posted on the Youtube account of Kilab Multimedia, Presidential aspirant Rodrigo Duterte talks with the founder of the Communist Party of the Philippines Jose Maria Sison.

The Exodus for Justice and Peace released the video of the Skype conversation between Duterte and National Democratic Front of the Philippines Chief Political Consultant , Jose Ma. Sison.

The conversation was facilitated by the EJP on April 25, after the release of the five police officers who were captured as Prisoners of War (POW) by the New People’s Army. The EJP served as the third party facilitator for the prisoners’ release.

In the video, Duterte committed to resume the peace talks between the Government and the NDF if he wins in the elections. (

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