DAVAO CITY, Philippines — Five male foreigners availed of free vasectomy services at the City Health Office (CHO) under the “No Scalpel Vasectomy” operation.

Dr. Mike Ababon of CHO said the male foreigners were able to save an estimate of $1,000 since they availed of free NSV procedure in this city.

Ababon noted that since the start of the campaign in 2008, the number of males who underwent vasectomy has been fluctuating. A total of 558 males have availed of the free NSV, said Jeff Fuentes of the City Population Office.

The highest number in a year was in 2009 with 74 male patients.

Fuentes added that males can already undergo vasectomy starting from the age of 22 up to 60 years old.

“It’s not the age that determines when to avail vasectomy but it is actually the informed choice or decision of the family,” he said.

Meanwhile, Ababon expressed that until now, they still have difficulties in educating and campaigning among the male population since some males think that undergoing vasectomy will lessen the sexual urge during intercourse.

He said that most male thought that vasectomy is just similar to castration where an individual loses their testicles.

“In vasectomy, males testicles will still be intact. It will not cause male impotence,” Ababon clarified. (davaotoday.com)

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