Health group “prescribes” PNoy’s resignation

Mar. 11, 2015

Workers in the health sector said Wednesday that they are joining the calls for the resignation of President Benigno Aquino III “for his failure to effectively treat the various ills that plague the nation.”

“Enough with a president that leads the country not to genuine peace and development but to deeper wretchedness and disease,” said Dr. Joseph Carabeo, convener of the Rx: Aquino Resign Now!

Carabeo said that the Mamasapano incident and the displacement of thousands of individuals because of the all-out offensives of the armed forces “are results of Aquino’s unconditional loyalty to US-led “war on terror” even at the expense of his own troops and civilians.”

“The Mamasapano incident is just the tip of the iceberg of the administration’s guiltless sacrificing of lives for puppetry. In Aquino’s term as head of state, many more Filipinos continue to die and suffer as he institutionalized the PPP (Public-Private Partnership) a.k.a.  privatization of public utilities and services and offered them to the altar of profit of big businesses,” Carabeo said.

Likened to a patient, the group diagnosed the Aquino’s failed governance as suffering from “cardiomegaly (enlarged heart) for landlords and big businesses including big mining companies committing environmental plunder and now even awarded mining patents.”

“It has strong arms in dealing with critics and pro-people movement with impunity, while it has  swift pointing fingers and a pathologic lying  tongue to run away from truth and accountability as in the DAP (Disbursement Acceleration Program) and the Mamapasano incident,” Carabeo said adding the president is unfit to lead the country.

The group is composed of various health organizations including Alliance of Health Workers (AHW),All UP Workers’ Union-Manila, Council for Health and Development (CHD), Health Alliance for Democracy (HEAD), Peritoneal Dialysis Society of the Philippines (PDSP), and Kilos Bayan para sa Kalusugan (KBK).

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