DAVAO CITY – A migrants’ rights leader has raised the alarm over cases of phone calls that dupe overseas Filipino workers in Saudi Arabia.

Filipino community leader in Saudi Arabia, John Leonard Monterona said he has been receiving complaints from fellow OFWs of a possible syndicate who are calling victims and are informing them that they won 250,000 Saudi riyals or around P3.1 million.

Monterona said that though he has been receiving complaints about fraudulent calls victimizing fellow OFWs two years ago, it is to his dismay that this incident continues and still victimizing fellow OFWs.

“This time an office mate received such fraudulent call,” he added.

Monterona said his office mate received the call on Tuesday, March 15.

“He was that he won 250,000 Saudi riyals but that he needs to get his SIM card serial number and other personal information including his iqama (residence identity card) number before receiving the prize,” he said.

“It was exactly the modus of fraudulent anonymous individuals. You’ll be either a victim of identity theft or your personal SIM card and account, which was registered with a telecommunication company, will be used for illegal activities,” cautioned Monterona.

Monterona urged fellow OFWs receiving fraudulent calls to immediately report the matter to the telecommunication company where his or her SIM card is registered.

“If necessary, report this matter to the PH embassy or consulate, and voluntarily issue an affidavit. This will protect you in case there are illegal activities that were committed using your personal identity,” he said. (davaotoday.com)

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