Petition vs new curriculum abolishing Filipino subject filed

Apr. 15, 2015

Professors from various public and private universities expressed opposition to the new curriculum which abolishes subjects such as Filipino language, Literature, and Philippine Government and Constitution.

A petition for certiorari and prohibition with temporary restraining order and/or writ of preliminary injunction against the new curriculum under K to 12 program was filed before the Supreme Court on Wednesday.

Petitioners said the new curriculum was implemented through the Commission on Higher Education Memorandum Order No. 20, Series of 2013.

Petitioners also formed an alliance called Tanggol Wika and campaigned against the said Memo since its establishment in June last year.

The petitioners argue that CMO No. 20, Series of 2013 violates five constitutional provisions, including provisions on the national language, Philippine culture, nationalist education, and labor policy, contained in Article XIV, Section 6; Article XIV, Sections 14, 15, 18; Article XIV, Section 3; Article II, Section 17; Article XIV, Section 2 and 3; Article II, Section 18; and Article XIII, Section 3.

With regard to the Constitution, the group said CMO No. 20, Series of 2013, disregards the pro-national language spirit of the framers of the Constitution, the Constitution’s emphasis on nationalism and cultural awareness as core values of Philippine education, and the Constitution’s pro-labor provisions that give workers – including teachers and workers in the education sector – the right to participate in policy-making activities. The petitioners claim that they were never consulted in the crafting of the CMO.

They also feared the CMO will cause labor displacement of around 78,000 workers in the tertiary level. Members of the petitioners include National Artist for Literature and University of the Philippines Professor Emeritus Bienvenido Lumbera, House Representatives Terry Ridon of Kabataan Partylist, Antonio Tinio of Act Teachers Partylist, Fernando Hicap of Anakpawis Partylist.

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