Solon opposes P2 power rate hike by Napocor

Dec. 06, 2015

DAVAO CITY – A partylist lawmaker said the proposed P2 power rate hike of the National Power Corporation will “dampen” the holiday season and vowed to block the said proposal.

NPC proposed to increase its rate by P2.0627 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) in Luzon, P2.3236 per kWh in the Visayas and P1.4534 per kWh in Mindanao.

The proposed rates, it said, reflect additional operating costs incurred by the NPC-SPUG (Small Power Utilities Group) as a result of the fluctuation of fuel prices used in power generation. NPC’s application covers the billing period from January to June 2014 and would pass on to customers P1,892,748,606 worth of their fuel costs.

“It seems that the Napocor (NPC) is trying to pull a fast one especially now that most Filipinos are busy with holiday preparations and the upcoming elections. Fuel prices have been down since last year and at their lowest in decades why are they saying that they have to recover fuel costs? Iniisahan na naman nila ang mamamayan dito at itataas na naman ang singil sa kuryente,” said Colmenares.

“What is worse though is that in a separate application, the NPC is also seeking to recover another P8,774,702 in deferred foreign exchange (forex) costs  for the billing period of January   to June 2014 through the imposition of a P0.0178-per-kWh  incremental currency exchange rate adjustment (Icera) over a period of 12 months. So this again would be another burden to consumers when the New Year comes,” said Colmenares.

Colmenares said they are now coordinating with the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) as to the status of the NAPOCOR petition.

“And we are set to file a motion to intervene to stop these rate hikes. Two years ago we were able to stop the highest power rate hike in Philippine history, we hope that we can do so again,” said Colmenares. (

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