Gabriela Women’s Partylist representative Emmi de Jesus, filed a resolution asking the Committee on Labor and Employment to conduct an inquiry on the alleged violations by GMA Network of labor code provisions regarding the regularization of contractual employees.

De Jesus together with leaders and members of the Talents Association of GMA (TAG), an organization of talents of GMA Network, Inc. (GMA) flocked to the Bills and Index Division of the House of Representatives this morning to probe into widespread practice in the media industry of maintaining contractual employment basis of their “talents” despite the workers’ long service to the respective networks.

TAG last year also filed a case filed before the National Labor Relations Commission, because of alleged non-regularization of long-serving employees despite performing “work that is necessary and desirable” in the ordinary course of business as provided by the Labor Code.

The complainants asserted that instead of being recognized as regular employees, TAG members were made to sign a Talent Agreement which categorizes them as mere talents providing services to GMA as independent contractors.

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