Yolanda survivors: Mar Roxas deserves no vote from us

Sep. 29, 2015

DAVAO CITY – A group of typhoon Yolanda survivors warned presidential candidate, Mar Roxas, not to expect any support from them.

“Mar Roxas betrayed us many times. If he looks back and sees his role in the Yolanda rehabilitation, he better shoot off from his presidential ambition,” said People Surge spokesperson Marissa Cabaljao.

Cabaljao was reacting to the recent Pulse Asia Survey where Roxas topped the polls from the Visayas. Roxas ranked 2nd with 20 percent, while Senator Grace Poe got 26 percent.

“We will not support this opportunist politician who was narrowly fixated about gaining plus points using his post as (Department of Interior of Local Government) Secretary. His incompetence is apparent in several crisis situations, after Yolanda and during typhoons Ruby and Seniang. But afterwards he will always manage to project himself as hero,” said Cabaljao.

Cabaljao said Yolanda survivors “will push for a ‘no-vote’ campaign in the Visayas Liberal Party bet Roxas.”

“It can be noted that Roxas was in Tacloban City as the key official in charge of civil defense. Before the storm hit Tacloban, he left the day before,” she said.

People Surge said that Roxas “was not around when his political leadership was needed.” (davaotoday.com)


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