It’s disheartening—no, disgusting!  But that’s what one feels watching the resumed deliberations on the Mamasapano Incident in the House of Representatives  of Congress.  For one whose interest goes beyond mere watching a display of verbal grappling  but  nurturing hopes that truth and justice would still surface,  the conduct and outcome of the legislative session generate a kind of anger.  Or we may call it a feeling of exasperation and, certainly, a kind of  utter dissatisfaction!

It’s all the same maneuvering  to  cover up the accountability and liability of the President in the botched Mamasapano tragedy.  The congressmen – Lawyers, most of them, spelled differently, but pronounced the same as “liars”— have splendidly done their act  of lawyering for the President!

Except for the small minority Makabayan Bloc,  everyone else displays  dexterity in playing the “numbers game” to shield Mr. Noynoy from the axe of justice.  That is what is simply demonstrated by the representatives of the people. They have never risen above their personal and partisan interests.  Foremost in their  agenda in coming to the session hall  is the protection of their  patron, President Noynoy.  What luxury of wastefulness!  Of precious  time and money!

But this time around, what emerges as a most despicable form of betrayal to the people’s trust  is an open act of sycophancy exhibited by the majority  and most admirably exemplified by the House speaker himself.   It is a manifest disservice to the mandate of true statesmanship expected of men and women of their stature.

And the most blatantly “sipsip” is the valorous gentleman from Caloocan City,  Congressman Edgar Erice.  Wow, his  absurdity even surpasses his sycophant  articulateness!   Imagine!—to argue that the President  should not be invited to attend the Congressional session or even just to  answer the questions presented by the Makabayan Bloc in the sanctuary of his Malakanyang office,  because, after all, the House is not only the Makabayan Bloc but is composed of several other representatives  of the people(?).  Brilliant—a kind of brilliance that renders murkiness to a funny logic!

So, in this so-called  legislative  hall of the Republic, a proposal by  an individual member or a minority membership is not supposed to be given mileage because it does not come from the majority?  What about reasonable aptness and urgent cogency of a measure which is a clear instrument for  truth to prevail and for justice that the people seek to manifest?

The Makabayan Bloc  has presented 20 questions for President Noynoy Aquino to answer to shed light on the Mamasapano Incident.  These questions, if answered honestly, could have clarified certain facts and dissipated doubts in the minds of the people with regards the involvement of the US government in the said incident.  The President’s allies in Congress, however, have stonewalled this very significant move  and have marshaled their numerical advantage in opposing it.  In effect, the desired closure of the Mamasapano Issue has not been achieved.  And so, the issue will continue to fester in the conscience of the nation.

Meanwhile, the President is doing all he can to divert the attention of the people to other things.  He invites the eyes of the public to what he brandishes as rosy accomplishments of his government—roads and bridges? — the usual high cost-laden projects of Trapo politicians.   All previous Presidents did this!  This has been favorite ego-boosting props of politicians Philippine style!  Recall the ridiculous anecdote attached to this Trapo  practice, to wit:-

TRAPO:    Magtukod kog seawall dinhi sa inyong dapit! [I will  build a seawall here in your place!]

PUBLIKO: Wala man tay dagat diri, Nyor! [There is no sea here, Nyor!]

TRAPO: Maghimo kog  dagat  dinhi! [I  will create a  sea  here!]

And all Trapo politicos  have taken this as an “ideal  trick”  to repair his tarnished image  before  his  constituents.  Of course, it’s ridiculous!  But all Trapos,   Noynoy not an exception,  are ridiculous fools!   And being such fools, they are foolhardy in pursuing their varying deceptive tacks.

Sixty-eight years  from the time of Manuel A. Roxas,  our Trapo leadership,   in one administration after another, has continually improved the accustomed technique of  deceiving and fooling the people.  And so, our disinherited nation has gone down from bad to worse!

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