Filipino inventions to decrease carbon emission

Feb. 18, 2015

By Meryl Rabuya, Davao Today Intern

DAVAO CITY – A company introduced its newest inventions that include an electricity saver, fuel saver and LPG saver which are purported to help decrease carbon emission.

“The products are designed to reduce almost 50 % of the carbon emission,” claimed Sergio Bura of i-TUBE.ECO enterprises, the distributor of the products.

Bura said they used “advance technology technique such as photodynamic, harmonics and bio-enhancer technology with sub magnetic.”

“This so-called i-TUBE is an intelligent tube and a revolutionary gadget. When we use it in our car, the very benefit of this product would be on the improvement of the performance of the engine,” Bura said.

“Once the fuel will pass by on the said i-TUBE, it will form a pre-heating, re-aligning of the molecules and refining and when the fuel reaches on engine it will burn easily,” Bura said.

Bura said the users will just “cut the both ends of the fuel line and insert the tube.”

They also have product that reduces the heating of the cellular phone and appliances called electricity saver.

The prices of the product range  from 300 pesos up to 8,000 pesos. (

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