Nestled along the coastline of Barangay Madaum, a mere 15 minutes away from the center of Tagum City, is Lanikai Resort.

Lanikai is Hawaiian for ‘heaven by the sea’. Indeed, many think that the place is just this side of the garden of Eden, the biblical home of Adam and Eve, especially because the vacation spot is designed to be serene and exclusive.

For those who want to be almost enveloped by blueness, there is a gazebo on the edge of the shore Lanikai Resort. ( photo by Jonald Mahinay)

Although the resort has eight rooms to let, only one couple or one group of guests will be accommodated at a time.

John Sison, tourism and leisure manager of Lanikai, reveals that if potential guests call to make reservations when somebody else has already made reservations, Lanikai has to ask the booked guests first if they would be willing to share with somebody else during their stay.

If not, Lanikai suggests another time for the potential guests.

These steps lead down to the water. During lowtide, you can even sit at the lowest rung. Another gazebo is seen in the background. ( photo by Jonald Mahinay)

The fee for this quiet break — an enclosed compound several hundred meters from the highway — is 2,600 pesos a night for a room for two and an additional 500 pesos for each additional guest.

Aside from the mandatory fresh air, a holiday at Lanikai includes fine sand at your feet and the view of open seas, a lush green island and of large boats coming in and out of the neighboring Hijo port. The resort also has both a basketball and a tennis court. All guests also enjoy free entrance to adjacent Barret Beach.

Lanikai Resort has eight guest rooms in all. For those with special needs, one guest room is on the first floor. ( photo by Jonald Mahinay)

An overnight stay also includes a healthy breakfast featuring freshly-picked garden-grown fruits and vegetables. Lunch and dinner can cost an average of 200 pesos but for the fresh greens and just-caught fish, sugpo (shrimps), and crabs, many would think of that a small price to pay. Sison admits that these prices are likely to increase as soon as the resort opens for real.

Apart from its quiet beach perfect for lazing around, Lanikai also offers guests other unique tour packages.

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