Budget approval for additional garbage bins still pending

Feb. 12, 2015

By Mark Anthony Duran, Davao Today Intern

DAVAO CITY – The Committee on Finance said on Tuesday that the approval of 600 million-peso budget for additional garbage bins in the city is still pending.

Committee on Finance chairperson Councilor Danilo Dayanghirang said that the budget request for the additional garbage bins will also be used for environment management programs in the city.

“There is a pending bid of 600 million pesos which is a continuous loan from the Land Bank of the Philippines,” he said.

“Some of the places here in Davao are flooding because of garbage and our garbage bins are old while others are in bad shape, thus we are planning to buy 3,000 units of new garbage bins,” he added.

He said that with the influx of people and subdivisions in the city, there has been an increase of garbage.

He also said that the lack of garbage bins have forced them to rely on private garbage collectors since repairs are too expensive.

“We have garbage trucks that were purchased by the city 8-10 years ago, and most of them have already been damaged,” he said.

“I requested the City Planning Office to assist in the itemization of the garbage bins as a requirement for budgeting,” he said.

Dayanghirang said the city will only release money if they have complied with corresponding bidding requirements.

Dayanghirang said that once it is approved, the 600 million-peso budget will purely be used for the solid waste management programs and other environmental matters.(davaotoday.com)

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