City government releases 30 guidelines for business sectors amid Martial Law

Jun. 04, 2017

DAVAO CITY, Philippines –The Davao City Investment and Promotion Center (DCIPC) Chief, Lemuel Ortonio, said in a press conference on Thursday, June 1, that there are 30 guidelines for business to remember during Martial Law.  These were collectively developed by the city government and the business sectors during a consultation with business sectors through the Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Inc. and the City Government of Davao, and subsequently released through the City Information Office (CIO) on Friday, June 2.

“It is better that the government’s point of view is not the only thing being considered but also the actual needs and what the business sectors see that can be applied as well. We tried to cover all the sectors of businesses with the 30 guidelines,” Ortonio said.

The guidelines are created for business sectors to follow in the city while Mindanao is still under Martial Law. It highlights different points to Davao-based businesses, visiting investors/business people, and those businesses operating at night or graveyard shift.

“While we do have a strong peace and order program in place here in the city (even) with martial law, it has been strengthened even more which is a good call for investors to come here to Davao City because, while we have tighter checkpoints, (the investors) are assured that it will be “very safe” for them,” Ortonio said.

Ortonio also assured that DCIPC will help those who will coordinate with them or with other industry associations whenever business owners encounter problems on security and other concerns.

However, City Tourism Operations Officer, Generose Tecson also reported on Thursday that the tourism sector recorded a 20-million revenue loss from May 24-27 days after the declaration of Martial Law saying, that it was a result of stigma to the declaration.

Ortonio likewise said that so far, they have not received any direct report of termination of business in the city nor did the number of inquiries decreased because of the declaration.

Following are the ’30 things to remember for businesses during Martial Law in Davao City’ as released by CIO:

Davao-based Businesses

1. Business establishments are required to create emergency plans for their respective premises.

2. Business establishments are encouraged to invest in private security and modern security equipment.

3. All establishments are encouraged to retrain their security personnel to respond to any incident with an emergency plan in order.

4. Company CCTVs should be regularly monitored and always properly maintained.

5. Do not retain large sums of money in your premises.

6. Business establishments are advised to orient their employees on the guidelines issued by the City Government.

7. Company guards should log all arrivals and departures of employees from the office premises.

8. Company outings should only be held at licensed and accredited tourist sites in Davao City. Contact the City Tourism Operations Office for the list of sites.

9. In riding public transport, such as a taxi cab, take note of the name of the taxi cab and body number. Inform your co-workers or business partners.

10. Provide at least one hour allowance of your travel time to consider possible checkpoint delays.

11. If your business is affiliated with an industry association, regularly coordinate with them for specific action plans that affect your sector.

12. Keep a directory of emergency numbers. Dial 911 for emergencies.

13. Make sure to directly coordinate with government offices when processing permits, licenses, and other documents. Refrain from transacting with unknown third party groups.

Visiting Business People 

14. Plan your trip to Davao City ahead of time. Tighter security checks are implemented at the city’s entry points, including the international airport and transportation terminals.

15. For foreigners on business trips, ensure that your travel documents showing your purpose of visit is with you at all times. Our security personnel may request for you to present them together with your passport.

16. Make sure that you have the accurate information of the hotel or inn that you are staying in. These include the complete name, address, and telephone number of the hotel or inn. Keep this with you at all times.

17. When visiting for a business mission, get in touch with the Davao City Investment Promotion Center (contact: 082-227-2860,082-227-2870, 082-227-2880; email:, the Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. (contact: 082-222-1402and 082-300-2198; email:, or local industry associations regarding your visit to the city.

18. Plan your meetings, seminars, and other business transactions in one venue. This is to avoid any delay brought about by random check points in the city.

19. Business meetings are best held at accredited hotels, restaurants, and conference venues within the city proper.

20. Make arrangements and coordination only through your business contacts.

21. Refrain from coordinating and/or giving your contact information to unknown third party groups or referrals.

22. It is best to coordinate with the consular offices, honorary consul offices, or foreign chambers based in Davao City when visiting for a business trip. Davao City has three consular offices and six honorary consul offices. The city is also a base of several foreign chambers.

23. Coordination with the local MICE[MAV1]  Executive Committee is encouraged when organizing a business conference, meetings, and other related activities in the city.

24. Coordinate with the barangay when conducting site inspections as part of due diligence activities, especially outside the city proper area. The DCIPC can make the necessary assistance in coordinating with the barangay.

25. It is highly encouraged that you follow your schedule itinerary.

Businesses Operating at Night or Graveyard Shift 

26. Companies are encouraged to issue a work schedule duly signed by the authorized officer. This includes contact details of the company and authorized officer for verification.

27. No curfew has been set for Davao City. But, employees working on graveyard shift are advised to travel on buddy system to and from work.

28. Employees should bring with them their company IDs at all times and present them when security personnel ask for identification.

29. Companies are encouraged to organize carpooling system for graveyard shift workers.

30. Employees are best advised to bring their own food or order food delivery instead of eating outside during graveyard shift. (


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