Impeachment is a call for accountability, says Rep. Ilagan

Jan. 19, 2012

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16 January 2012

Impeachment is a call for accountability, says Rep. Ilagan

“Now is the time to make human rights violators, the corrupt and those who protect them accountable for their crimes against the people. Now is the time to make those who unjustly ruled against the poor and marginalized and turned their backs against their sworn duty to uphold the interests of the people accountable,” said Gabriela Women’s Party Rep. Luz Ilagan as the impeachment trial of Supreme Court chief Justice Renato Corona starts, January 16.

“The Corona-led SC proved itself anti-worker and anti-people when it reversed a supposedly final decision which declared Philippine Airlines’ retrenchment of thousands of flight crew as illegal based solely on a letter issued by PAL lawyer Estelito Mendoza. This flip-flopping practice gives no assurance that the Supreme Court’s recent decision which supposedly favors farm worker beneficiaries in Hacienda Luisita will not be reversed when political interests dictate it so,” said Ilagan.

According to Ilagan, “CJ Corona should be made accountable just as former President Arroyo must be made accountable for human rights violations, plunder and electoral sabotage. That CJ Corona, in his capacity as Supreme Court Justice, proved to be an invaluable element in the legal and political infrastructure built to protect the former President from prosecution makes him just as liable and just as guilty.”

“We in Gabriela Women’s Party shall remain vigilant, thoroughly and conscientiously monitor the course and outcome of the impeachment trial and call on the Filipino people to do the same. And just as we abhor and protest the creation of a pro-Arroyo Supreme Court under CJ Corona, we shall remain watchful of any attempt to create a Supreme Court molded to protect the interests of President Aquino and his minions,” Ilagan concluded.

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