DAVAO CITY – Members of the LBC Davao Employees Union held a protest action during their lunch break on Tuesday.

The workers pressed for their demands of 7 percent salary increase among other benefits. On March 16, the collective bargaining negotiations between the union and the management was declared on deadlock after the latter refused to agree with the union’s proposals.

LBC Davao Employees Union-ADLO-KMU (LBCDEU-ADLO-KMU), has made the final proposal of (1) 7% salary increase (2) six days vacation leave, (3) seven days sick leave, (4) educational assistance, (5) union leave, (6) 14th month bonus, and (7) signing bonus.

Butch Gajudo, president of the union said on Tuesday that they are demanding their “just share of returns” from the management.

“The management has remained rigid in its 3% salary increase counter-proposal, a move which led the union to declare the negotiations as pointless,” Gajudo said.

The 3% salary increase, Gajudo said, would add only around P9-13 pesos daily, a figure the union considered inadequate given the difficult economic situation today.

For a worker whose basic monthly rate is P11,090, there will be a P12.80 added to his daily earnings. While those who receive P8, 484 will have an additional of P9.79 per day.

“Which is not enough,” Gajudo said.

“The figures are clear. LBC is more than able to provide the workers a reasonable raise which they deserve, along with other benefits we have manifested in our proposal,” he said.

Gajudo said the overall proposal would cost LBC P3.15 million out of its accumulated net income of P56.85 million over the last two years.

Gajudo added that LBC’s refusal to yield to the workers’ demands have led to deadlocked negotiations well outside the Davao area, particularly in Bukidnon and Cagayan de Oro.

Carlo Olalo, spokesperson of KMU-SMR, said “We call on the LBC management to respect the workers’ right to collective bargaining as enshrined in the ILO Convention 98. Move past your greed and excessive love for profit and give the workers their just share, which you can readily provide.”

The union appealed to the loyal customer of LBC Davao to try and understand their situation and support their call for the just and reasonable collective bargaining agreement. (davaotoday.com)

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