City Vet reminds pet owners on importance of vaccination

Oct. 21, 2016

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – The City Veterinarian’s Office here asked the public to be responsible pet owners by having their pets vaccinated.

“Pet owners should be reminded of the importance of vaccination both to their pets and the public,” said Dr. Noel Martin, one of the veterinarians in CVO said in a city information dispatch.

“We advise all pet owners to have your pets vaccinated,” Martin said.”This will not only provide protection to the public but is also for the welfare and protection of your own pets.”

Based on the records of CVO, the population of dogs in the city has already reached 155,000. Out of the total dog population, 104,731 of the said dogs were vaccinated with anti-rabies since January to October.

Martin said the vaccination continues until the objective of making Davao a rabies-free city will be reached.

“Vaccinate your pets so that we will have a community that is healthy and safe from rabies,” he said.

Pet owners who wished to avail the free vaccine of the CVO are advised to bring their pets to the nearest CVO district offices. (

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