Below is a statement released on March 22 by the AFP to refute allegations that it was behind the killings of political activists:

The AFP welcomes the militants to go to court if they really have proofs on their allegations that the military is responsible in the killing of activists.

The AFP has repetitively challenged these militant groups to file their case in court, which is the appropriate venue to handle their allegations. However, their reluctance to do so speaks of their low regard in our justice system. Most often, the AFP is always a victim of trial by publicity and deprived the due process of law.

Instead of meticulously working on evidences, it is easier for them to just point an accusing finger against the military to have somebody to blame on. The militants prejudice blinded them from considering the possibility that perpetrators could come from their own rank. Justice is only attained by proving their allegations in the court beyond reasonable doubt.

Nevertheless, such malicious allegations will not impede the soldiers task to help in the investigation behind those crimes; and to continue with their duty to be the peoples shield against threats of violence.

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