Bayan condemns bombings, warns reinforcement of martial law

Jul. 13, 2009

DAVAO CITY — Bayan condemned in a picket rally the recent bombing incidents in Mindanao that grisly took the lives of innocent civilians and have worsened the country’s present unstable political and economic conditions.

“One lesson we should not forget about the circumstances that justified the declaration of martial law by the dethroned Marcos regime was the ploy of social unrest and the consequent military take-over and supremacy,” Bayan spokesperson John Birondo said.

“The theories and justifications of the military linking the recent bombings to terrorism sound so clich and unbelievable. It is so irreconcilable that the military has not preempted the bombings when all these times, they claim they knew of the plans through intelligence reports,” Birondo added.

Birondo added “the military was very quick to point with certainties at the MILF and the Abu Sayaff group as the ones instigating the bombings in Mindanao, yet, they can not explain how the bombings happened beyond their control.”

“Whichever angle the military will try to situate the bombings, the people’s utmost vigilance is needed to impede any attempt that will take advantage of the situation and cause the reinstatement of martial law,” Birondo warned.

“It is not coincidence that the bombings are happening with the upcoming of Gloria Arroyo’s State of the Nation Address (Sona). Time and opportunities are slithering from Gloria’s hand as nothing is working to ensure her continued stint in Malacaang,” Birondo said.

“Martial law is Gloria Arroyo’s remaining hope to stay in power. The people’s movements against her sham presidency are too strong for her to contain and stop,” Birondo stressed.

Bayan recalled the aftermaths of the martial Law declaration in June 21, 1972 where opposition figures, including Benigno Aquino, journalists, and student and labor activists were arrested. A total of about 30,000 detainees were kept at military compounds run by the army and the Philippine Constabulary.

Bayan added that the assassination plot of then Minster of National defense Juan Ponce Enrile which precipitated Proclamation 1081- Marcos’ proclamation of Martial- was learned to be a ploy admitted by Enrile himself after the downfall of the Marcos regime in 1986.

“The statement of whistleblower Vidal Doble involving the military to the bombings in the country is too serious to be treated unaddressed and uninvestigated,” Birondo added.

“There are many lessons in the past and in the present times that are enough to teach us of the actions we should be making now. Filipinos must radically oppose Martial Law. Let us fight now before our actions become irrelevant and toothless against Martial Law,” Birondo said.

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