Davao del Norte Lacks Potable Water, Samal Needs More Electric Power

Apr. 19, 2007

by Prix D Banzon

Davao City (19 April) — A province and a city in Southern Mindanao are lacking in water and power.

This was disclosed by former Davao del Norte Governor Rodolfo R. Del Rosario during the Club 888 Forum on Wednesday at The Marco Polo Hotel.

Del Rosario said there is not enough potable water in Davao del Norte that is why people opted to buy water from supplier in Davao City and other bottled water companies.

The residents really spend a lot in drinking water and this entails bigger cost, he said.

The lack of potable water in Davao del Norte also affected businesses especially those engaged in food processing because water requirement when bought from outside sources would add up to higher operating cost, he said.

There are potential sources that could be tapped for quality water supply however he said it needs political will to do so.

He said the government really has to initiate the project but the public must help out on this to sustain a good supply that is efficient and effective.

He said to be able to access to sufficient water supply, the areas forests has to be maintained and theres got to be continuing reforestation.

Also if people are aware that the source of water come from the highlands then they have no reason not to protect the source, he said.

Meanwhile, Del Rosario said the Island Garden City of Samal does not have steady supply of power.

There is not enough power that enter the island. There is more consumption than the supply, he said.

Samal City, is hosts to several beaches and resort including the internationally known Pearl Farm Beach Resort which lacks power supply.

He said most of the resort owners operate their own generator inorder to supply power during night time.

This is one concern that both the government and the private sector must look into considering the fact that the island is a tourist destination.

He said both power and water are basic both among residents and those with business operations. (PIA XI)


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