Davao Today’s First Anniversary: Lofty Goals

Nov. 06, 2006

We had lofty goals when we thought of publishing Davao Today, which first went online exactly a year ago today.

We wanted to present in-depth news and analysis of issues and events. We wanted to be a repository of all available information on Davao City. We wanted to be an alternative source of news. We wanted to be a medium for the marginalized sectors.

If theres one thing our first year has taught us, lofty goals can be quite elusive. Not that we didnt try. If you read our past stories, were proud to say that we did, somehow, succeed. (Wed like to think, for instance, that our reportage on Mayor Rodrigo Duterte the one public figure that has defined our city for years now has been refreshingly frank, candid and critical.)

In any case, Davao Today has plenty of work to do to make itself a truly important and relevant news outlet. Were confident that, as we embark on our second year and as we work harder to make our online presence felt, we can do it.

We are inspired by the desire among many Davaoeos to get a complete picture of issues and events, and because of this we are certain that our goals, while they shall remain lofty, wont remain elusive.

Read on.

The Staff

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