Communications Secretary Martin Andanar (right) with Presidential spokesperson Secretary Ernesto Abella ( file photo)

DAVAO CITY—Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) released a two and a half-minute anti-drug campaign advertisement directed by award-winning filmmaker Brillante Mendoza to help clarify the anti-drug campaign in the country.

Communications Secretary Martin Andanar together with Presidential spokesperson Sec. Ernesto Abella and Director Mendoza launched a series of anti-drug campaign advertisement here on Friday, August 2, at the Royal Mandaya Hotel to show the effects of drugs to any individual.

Abella said that the campaign ad is meant to show how the drug problem destroys the social fabric.

“As you watch it, it is a call for those who are involved to be able to say no. So that is part of the public health and social health approach which says that don’t get involve not so much because of what it can do to your body, but what it can do to your family,” he said.

Mendoza said he hopes the ad will spread “because there will be still a lot of people who will be affected.”

“I hope the public will understand now how severe is the effect of drugs on the lives of the people,” he said.

Andanar added that aside from the message of the campaign ad, it was also made to enhance the public service announcement of the government here.

“One of our goals is also to enhance the effectiveness of PSA here in the country just like the public advertisement in other countries such as Singapore, United Kingdom, France and other developed countries,” he said.

Andanar said that the whole production cost of the campaign ad was free by the Mendoza.

Aside from People’s Television Network (PTV), Andanar said that the campaign ad would be available in some other netwroks such as ABS-CBN, TV5, Manila Broadcasting Company, Brigada news, Radio ng Bayan for the audio version and over 300 SM cinemas in the country.

He said that from the letter he sent to the television and radio network, he requested three-time slot after 9:00 PM up to December for the campaign ad.

“We are asking also for the other magnates who owned TV stations and also malls, if you can help us also in this public service announcement for the awareness of the general public,” he said.

Aside from the anti-drug campaign ad, Andanar said that there would be a campaign ad for the peace process, transportation, use of firecrackers, and other government policies that has to be explained to the public. (

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