Canadian electronica singer Parvati to perform in Davao this April

Mar. 02, 2016

DAVAO CITY – Rising to number one on the Canadian Electronica charts and voted Canada’s best new musical artist, Canadian musician, yogi, activist and author Parvati is coming to Davao in April for her first-ever Asian tour.

Her single “I Am Light” will debut on Asia Pop 40 on March 19 and is going live on global airwaves on March 20.

Davao is one of the stops of Parvati’s Asian leg, but the performance dates are yet to be announced in her website.

Parvati has performed in stadiums, festivals and clubs throughout North America and Europe and is the first performer to ever sing at the North Pole, where she went for climate change awareness.

“I Am Light” is a sparkling, catchy, beautifully self-produced feel great pop song. Parvati spearheads a revolutionary new music genre that reaches the pop and New Age markets alike. Her work has been likened to “New New Age” or CEDM (Conscious Electronic Dance Music). The sonic sunshine of “I Am Light”, radiant with lush electronic sounds and Parvati’s angelic voice, is simultaneously reminiscent of both Madonna and Enya at their best.

“I Am Light” incorporates the Buddhist mantra “gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi swaha” (Gone, gone beyond, gone utterly beyond. Oh, what awakening! So be it), said to be the exclamation of a monk at the moment of their enlightenment. Parvati says, “The mantra speaks to me about the reality that everything in life is made of light and we are part of this gorgeous interconnected fabric of light. Light is what we really are. It is our true nature.”

The luminous music video, weaving together city street scenes with a concert hall and moments in an enchanted forest, introduces Parvati’s fantastical character Natamba, a goddess from Avalon who manifests as a being of liquid gold light who brings light to Earth, where she is discovered by forest fairies and a child who passes the light to the rest of the world. This joy-filled video will be releasedMarch 15 along with the single.

Adding to the illumination is an upcoming “I Am Light” game app for iOS and Android.

The “I Am Light” EP, demonstrating the breadth of Parvati’s musical mastery and spiritual understanding, will be released in April. It will feature dance, radio and acoustic versions of this song, as well as a guided chakra meditation to ambient electronic music.

Rishi Deva, gold record music manager, music columnist and record label CEO said “Parvati is as radical and creative as David Bowie, and as beautiful and pure as an angel.”

Chris Porter, a producer for David Bowie also described Parvati as “someone who brings together music, spirituality, physical and mental health and a social conscience! Her commitment is total and she deserves to be a huge success.” (

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