Tourism Master Plan eyed to improve Davao travel experience

Aug. 01, 2019

DAVAO CITY, Philippines — The Committee on Tourism of the Sangguniang Panlunsod now eyes the creation of a ‘Tourism Master Plan’ for the City as they see the need to “repackage” the tourists’ go-to areas.

Committee Chair Councilor Myrna Dalodo- Ortiz told media on Wednesday that she plans to propose to the City Council the creation of a Tourism Master Plan after learning that the City only has a Tourism Code of Davao City.

The proposal was based on the issues tackled during the Executive and Legislative Agenda last July 12, 2019.

“Currently we only have a Tourism Code of Davao. With the proposed Tourism Master Plan, we will have a guide on what direction we want for our tourism industry. This will include the plans for the City in both the executive and legislative branches. And how are we going to address the need on how we will package ourselves, not just for local tourists, but also for foreign visitors,” said Councilor Ortiz.

She added that one of the salient points of the proposed Tourism Master Plan is the Tourism Development Program of the City to “target the development” of specific tourism areas such as farm and beach tourism. This will also have to cluster a tourism development approach to provide diverse tourism package experiences for the visitors.

Councilor Ortiz wants the package experience patterned on other countries that offer tourism experiences from mountains to beaches. She wants the visitors to experience the farm tour of Davao to showcase the agriculture sector as the next go-to destination in the city.

“For the locals and foreign tourists, we want them to maximize what is in Davao City that they can go back to,” she added.

Meanwhile, City Tourism Officer Generose D. Tecson has already expressed her support for the proposed Tourism Master Plan. She said the plan would serve as the “bible” for the tourism industry of Davao City.

Tecson said the master plan can help improve the City’s weak points in the tourism industry and develop a tourism branding. (

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