Japan mulls opening of visa application outlet in Davao

Sep. 30, 2019

DAVAO CITY, Philippines — The office of the Consulate-General of Japan has announced the extension of their services for visa application with the proposed plan to establish an outlet in Davao City.

With such extension of services, resident from Mindanao will have the opportunity to process their visa application in Davao, said Hon. Miwa Yoshiaki, the Consul-General of Japan in Davao City.

Yoshiaki told reporters on Monday that the extension of services through an outlet in Davao City will aid the people in Mindanao especially in the processing of their Japanese visas.

The plan, he added, is also based on the promotion and strengthening of the partnership in business, culture and tradition of Philippines and Japan.

“This is to facilitate the convenience for Mindanaoans that usually took time to go to Manila just to apply for Japanese Visa,” Yoshiaki said.

The plan of having an extension office of visa application and release in Mindanao will also include a stricter and active implementation of security protocols to ensure the safety of the public.

“This will only ensure the security and welfare of our people,” he added.

Yoshiaki also emphasized that the Japanese government is taking all efforts to introduce more linkage opportunities between Japan and Mindanao.

He also told reporters of the continuous efforts to establish a regular Davao-Japan flights that can attract more tourist to explore both countries without passing through Manila and Cebu.

The proposal, he added, will also need further studies particularly on the details of the regular flights as well as the number of passengers, specifically in the business class.

Effects of martial law

In a separate interview, Consul-General Yoshiaki admitted that the implementation of martial law has affected the influx of Japanese tourists in Mindanao.

The martial law imposition, he stressed, has resulted to confusion and worries to the Japanese people particularly those in the business sector.

Mindanao, he added, has huge business opportunities but confusion and worries among the visiting Japanese tourists and businessmen became real on the peace and order situation in the area given that martial law was imposed.

“It’s a challenge we are still facing nowadays. We let people understand that there is nothing to be afraid of because this is not the same martial law as before,” Yoshiaki said.

Key cities of Mindanao like Davao, Cagayan de Oro and General Santos has level 1 travel advisory.

Yoshiaki explained that a level 1 travel advisory means that the Consulate office guarantees safe entry in those cities similar to Manila and Cebu. (davaotoday.com)

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