‘Lahi ra gyud ang Dabawenya’: Mutya ng Dabaw presents beauties with a cause

Mar. 16, 2018

Text by Abegail May T. Soria, Johanna Vaughn O. Dejito, and Jonette May S. Manalo
Photos by Franco Almino B. Libre

Mutya ng Davao 2018 Shellah Faye Juntilla (center) poses other members of her court (from left to right) Mary Jose Vicente, Patnubay ng Davao;Pamela Framil, Sinag ng Davao; Cindy Benedicto, Diwa ng Davao; and Claudine Verga, Pag-asa ng Davao during Thursday night’s coronation at RMC Gym. (Franco Almino B.Libre/davaotoday.com)

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – Behind the glamor of spotlight and flash of cameras, 15 Dabawenyas with a heart vied for the Mutya ng Davao crown on Thursday night. Proving that they are more than just pretty faces, the candidates expressed their advocacy concerning the people of Davao.

Candidate No. 13, Shelah Faye Juntilla who was crowned Mutya ng Davao this year, showed the importance of her advocacy

Ripple of Hope

“My advocacy is about cervical cancer awareness,” the newly crowned Mutya said. “I want to give hope to everyone that this could be prevented and is treatable.”

The reigning queen is a 21-year old Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology graduate of Davao Doctors College, which is also the reason why her advocacy is about educating people about cervical cancer.

“I have seen cancer patients before, even handled them, and that I think is my inspiration in pushing for this advocacy,” Juntilla said.


Patnubay ng Davao 2018 Mary Rose Vicente named her advocacy “PEARL”, for progress, entertainment, arts, recreation, and leisure “to enhance the local talents of Oplan Tokhang surrenderees”.

“I want to tell other people that the lives of these surrenderees shouldn’t be neglected, but the people in Davao should also help them change their lives for the better,” Vicente said.

Vicente was also recognized as Miss Friendship and Miss Pepsi.

Others got special awards: Miss Novelino was Jane Irish Mae Duque; Miss Bioskin and Sinag ng Davao 2018 was Pamela Framil; Miss Photogenic and Pag-asa ng Davao 2018 was Claudine Alyssandra Verga; and Best in Casual Wear and Mutya ng Davao 2018 was Shelah Faye Juntilla.

Diwa ng Davao 2018 Cindy Pauline Benedicto bagged two awards, Smart Texters’ Choice Award and Best in Long Gown for her long metallic blue gown.

Other creations also stunned the crowd last night with designers Mark Joseph Sayad, Lucky Santos, Nicky de Asis, Richie Delos Santos, Yovers Tagalog, Christopher Ledesma, Joey Hambala, Aries Buenvenida, Debra Swayn, and Philip Mondido.

The crown

Last year’s Mutya ng Davao Reina Kobayashi has dared the current Mutya to represent Davao City very well and to serve as an ambassadress of goodwill.

“The crown is not the prestige of Mutya ng Davao but it’s the idea of being able to represent the city,” she said, as she turned over the crown.

Kobayashi’s advocacy last year has something to do with inculcating on parents how to properly raise their children to become good citizens of the country.

Mutya ng Davao is annual event held to showcase a Dabawenya’s beauty and substance. It has also become an avenue for the candidates to champion their advocacy and empower the community.

The Mutya ng Dabaw 2018 coronation night was held at the Rizal Memorial Colleges (RMC) Gym, Filoil Flying V Event Center here last March 15, 2018.

Mutya ng Davao 2018 Shellah Faye Juntilla (Franco Almino B. Libre/davaotoday.com)

Patnubay ng Davao 2018 Mary Rose Vicente (Franco Almino B. Libre/davaotoday.com)

Pag-asa ng Davao Claudine Alyssandra Verga (Franco Almino B. Libre/davaotoday.com)

Sinag ng Davao Pamela Framil (Franco Almino B. Libre/davaotoday.com)

Diwa ng Davao 2018 Cindy Pauline Benedicto (Franco Almino B. Libre/davaotoday.com)

(Franco Almino B.Libre/davaotoday.com)


About the contributors: Abegail May T. Soria, Johanna Vaughn O. Dejito, and Jonette May S. Manalo and Franco Almino B. Libre are current editors of the Blue Bridge, the official English student publication of the Ateneo de Davao University Senior High School department.

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