DAVAO CITY, Philippines – A newly-established organization here proposed to have a common facility for them for livestock waste disposal and processing.

Davao Poultry and Egg Producers Inc. (DPEPI) President, Lawyer Lalaine dela Victoria said in a press conference on Monday, Aug. 7, the establishment of a common facility will solve the problem of flies and odor due to wastes produced by livestock farms.

“The immediate collection of the chicken dung from the different farms will now solve more or less the problem regarding flies and odor,” Dela Victoria said.

She said Davao City Councilor Mary Joselle Villafuerte called the attention of poultry farmers because several villages have been infested by house flies.

In January, Villafuerte, chairman of the city health council committee, cited a data from City Health Office sanitary department which states that nine barangays from Calinan district and five barangays in Tugbok district are severely infested by house flies due to poultry farms and piggeries.

This, Villafuerte raised concern that the public’s health maybe at risk.

“Councilor Villafuerte who is the chairman of the city health council committee called our attention because of the problem regarding flies and odor that was basically the problem that brought us together,” Dela Victoria said.

Dela Victoria mentioned that the proposed facility will be either built in Marilog Distrtict or in Malamba area.

Fred Porio, member of DPEPI said the group is trying to ask for support from the city government and the Department of Agriculture for the funding of the said facility.

Porio added that a big-sized facility roughly costs P120 million which can address at least the entire Third District of the city. They are planning to establish a pilot project first that will cost less than P3 million.

Porio also said that it will be more “feasible and economical” if the common facility will be put up on a ‘per district basis’.

“The common facility would probably, not hundred percent but will try to solve majority of the problems right now when it comes to waste disposal,” Porio said.

Porio added as of the moment the proposal have already reached the city council.

Apart from the sanitation Porio said the facility could also generate income by selling composed fertilizer and vermicast.

“We become self-sufficient because if there’s a cheaper fertilizer available for the greater, bigger farming community, the better,” Porio said.(davaotoday.com)

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