DavSur is fastest growing province in Davao Region—PSA

Nov. 14, 2016

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – A 2015 population census showed that Davao del Sur was the fastest growing province in Davao region with an average annual population growth of 1.84 percent.

The Philippine Statistics Authority in Region XI said that as of August 1, 2015, Davao del Sur’s population reached 632,558 which is higher by 57,678 compared with the population of 574,910 in 2010.

PSA noted that the growth rate from the period of 2000 to 2010 was lower at 1.32%.

In a Philippine Information Agency dispatch, Ma. Leah Magracia, supervising statistical specialist of PSA XI said that if the current annual growth rate of the province continues, the population of Davao del Sur is expected to double in 38.1 years.

Of the nine municipalities in the province, Sta. Cruz had the biggest population in 2015 with 90,987, followed by Bansalan with 60,440 and Matanao with 56,755.

While the municipality of Padada had the smallest population with 26,587 persons together with Sulop and Padada which had the smallest growth rate.

Magracia said the combined population of the municipalities accounted for about 33 percent of the province’s population in 2015, and that Sta. Cruz and Matanao grew faster compared to the province’s growth rate.

Magracia added that “Digos City was the fastest growing political subdivision with an average annual PGR of 2.35 percent compared to the period 2000-2010 with average annual PGR of 1.82 percent.”

On the other hand, PSA  reported Davao City posted a total population of 1,632,991. It was among the four highly urbanized cities that surpassed the 1 million population mark.

The city’s population, according to PSA, shared 33.4 percent of the Davao Region’s population, while Davao del Sur contributed 12.93 percent, respectively. (davaotoday.com)

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