City government offers scholarship grants to law and medical studies

Jun. 16, 2017

LAW AND MED SCHOLARSHIP GRANTS. Atty. Raul A. Nadela Jr., Chief of Staff of the City Mayor’s Office says that the city government of Davao offers 40 slots to law and medical scholars respectively. Nadela said in a press conference on Thursday, June 15, that tuition fee and all other school fees of qualified applicants will be covered by the city government. (Robby Joy D. Salveron/

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – The city government here has widened its scope on granting scholarship programs to students who will be studying law or medicine, an official said.

City Mayor’s Office Chief of Staff, Atty. Raul A. Nadela Jr. said in a press conference on Thursday, June 15, that there are 40 allotted slots for law and medical scholars respectively.

“This year, the city government continues to give scholarship grants to deserving students (of the city). We strengthened the scholarship programs for law and medical schools,” Nadela said.

Tuition and all other school fees of qualified applicants will be covered by the city government. Law scholars will also be receiving about P8,000 for book allowance while medical students will receive an additional of not less than P20,000 per semester for book allowance.

Nadela said that they have already identified 17 qualified law scholars who will be studying at Ateneo de Davao University (ADDU), University of Mindanao (UM) or Jose Maria College (JMC).

Nadela added that for medical studies applicants, interviews and screening will start next week. Scholars can opt to enroll either in Davao Medical School Foundation Inc. (DMCF) or Brokenshire College of Davao.

“Tomorrow (June 16) I will hold a briefing for scholars on law program to encourage them to study well for them to maintain the scholarship since amongst all the applicants, they were the ones seen to deserve the slot,” Nadela said.

Nadela emphasized that no age limit is imposed but only residents of Davao City will be qualified for the scholarship given that he/she also has no failing grade in his/her pre-med or pre-law course.

“One must not have a failing grade in his/her pre-med or pre-law since we are to gauge for ‘deserving students’,” Nadela said.

Nadela, however, said that those who are not from the city also have the chance since other local government units have scholarship programs.

“Other LGUs, when I went to DMSF, have scholarships like this. Those who are not from Davao City really have a chance to approach their LGUs, there are some (that offers scholarships) but not all,” Nadela said.

Nadela said other qualifications include ‘indigency’, certifying that one really needs financial assistance which will be assessed by the City Social Services Development Office (CSSDO).

Nadela pointed out that the number one reason why they have offered the said scholarships is because they have seen students who have great potential but cannot afford to go to school.

Scholars will not be forced to serve here in the city after finishing their course under the program but Nadela said they will encourage them if possible to be employed in government offices.

“There is no requirement to serve here in the city after because they might feel imprisoned because they are left without a choice. But we will encourage them that if they can be employed in city health or government offices as lawyers. We will encourage them but there is no obligation,” Nadela said.

There will be no deadline for application as long as the 40 slots are not yet filled and the said schools still welcome enrollees.

Meanwhile, based on the Educational Benefits System Unit (EBSU), aside from the 17 new law scholars, the city currently has a total of 603 scholars.(

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