Mayor Sara on ‘tuob’ issue: always follow doctors

Jun. 27, 2020

Davao City, Philippines – The controversial memo of Cebu Governor Gwen Garcia to practice steam inhalation or “tuob” to prevent Covid-19 infection has garnered reactions, including one from Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte.

“Always follow our doctors, they know how to fight the virus because they study about it for so many years,” Duterte said in her program at the Davao City Disaster Radio on Friday.

Netizens and doctors have criticized the memo pushed by the Cebu Governor on provincial employees and how she lambasted two medical practitioners on social media who warned this is not a cure for Covid-19.

The mayor said that while Filipinos are fond of steam inhalation, traditional ointments, and herbals as an alternative, combating the spread of the virus will only be effective if the public will listen to medical doctors.

Duterte explained that during this pandemic the medical doctors are the one’s experts on fighting the virus because of their knowledge in the medical field. She also added that luckily Davao City has medical practitioners available in the city.

“So if we feel that we have a cough, runny nose, fever or sore throat and diarrhea we should do testing. You can ask the city government or go directly to SPMC (Southern Philippine Medical Center) since they have designated Covid-19 area for testing,” the mayor said.

Even the Department of Health (DOH) cautioned the public about the use of steam inhalation against the spread of the virus because it has “no scientific basis” and can even lead to accidents or further spread the virus because of virus staying on aerosols. (

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