More patients to be accommodated with new kidney institute at SPMC

Jun. 11, 2019

The construction of a kidney center in Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC) is expected to be done within this year or in 2020. (Photo from SPMC Facebook page)

DAVAO CITY, Philippines — The country’s biggest government-owned hospital here, the Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC) is expected to accommodate more kidney patients when the Kidney Transplant Institute would be completed this year or next year, an official said.

“There is an ongoing construction of our Kidney Center in SPMC. This building is solely for Kidney Diseases. Hopefully (the construction will be done) within this year or by next year,” Dr. Trisha Manalaysay, nephrologist at the SPMC.

According to Manalaysay, the framework is already done and “they are working on it 24 hours”.

Manalaysay said more kidney patients would be catered in the four-story facility as they will be adding more dialysis machines.

“From 60 machines, it will now be 100. So hopefully, we can cater to more patients because SPMC touches even up to Surigao, and others. In fact the whole Mindanao,” she said.

With the addition of new machines, patients that will be catered is expected to grow to 50%. From the current 400 patients, they expect to cater 800 to 1000 patients.

The facility is located at the back of the Mindanao Heart Center inside SPMC.

Manalaysay owes the building to the vision of SPMC Chief of Hospital Dr. Leopoldo Vega. (

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