DAVAO CITY – Filipino doctors recently introduced a new form of stem cell technology as innovations to the more expensive stem cell treatment.

The Forever Rich Philippines, a manufacturing company that produces health and wellness products, announced on Wednesday here that it has created several products that are alternatives for stem cell treatments.

Emmie Monsado, a spokesperson from Forever Rich Philippines said that these products are very affordable as compared to a stem cell treatment, but with the same effect.

“We have developed these stem cell products because we believe that patients who are suffering from severe illnesses or diseases will have a need of them and as far as health is concerned, many of us want to have a healthy lifestyle,” she said.

She also said that these stem cell products are very affordable than the regular stem cell treatments.

“Compared to spending too much money for a stem cell treatment, these products would only cost you thousands of pesos and it really saves you a lot since it does not only cut the expenses for stem cell treatment, but the effects are much faster too,” she said.

“That is why we are creating these products so that it could become available to these kind of patients and also for those who are health-conscious persons and people who want to look younger but can’t afford a stem cell treatment,” she added.

The stem cell products they are introducing in the market are the following: Laminine, a stem cell growth enhancer which hastens the repair of the damaged cells and replenishes newer cells; Biostem Cell Gold, a muscle enhancer which improves muscular build and sexual potency and performance; and Green Apple Stem Cell Plus, a plant stem cell which is said to be the safest and most effective stem cell.

Stem cell technology was introduced in the year 2000 and many patients have sought this treatment because it replenishes new cells faster and makes them healthier.

Stem cell treatments replenish the lost cells in the body and was proven effective to cure 150 chronic diseases, including diabetes and cancer.

Dr. Mario Ramirez, a stem cell technologist at St. Luke’s Medical Hospital said that the stem cell technology is the future of medicine because it develops newer cells for the body faster, thus, also making the healing process faster.

“Most of the people have different diseases, may it be a lifestyle disease or a contagious disease, but spends too much money on treatments and sometimes, also spends money for the maintenance,” he said.

“These kinds of treatment are called as symptomatic treatment only and do not fully heal the body from the disease, and it may recur again if the body is too weak or is susceptible to illnesses. That is why stem cells are there to help those patients with their problems on these kind of diseases,” he added.

He also mentioned that stem cells can even create a new organ which was lost during an operation or a surgery.

“Stem cells can even create a new heart for the patient, and it can be possible to create organs that are lost because of a deadly operation or a surgery for instance,” he said.

However, Ramirez said that undergoing a stem cell treatment requires a lot of money and thus, making it very expensive and will cost you almost millions of pesos, if not dollars.

“It is true that having a stem cell treatment costs you a lot, having just one injection of a stem cell could cost you almost a million peso, and it’s just one treatment,” he said. (davaotoday.com)

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