NEDA rolls out dev’t plan for mining areas in Diwalwal

Oct. 13, 2016

DAVAO CITY, Philippines — The National Economic and Development Authority here will be rolling out a long-term plan for  the Diwalwal Mineral Reservation Area.

Dubbed as the Diwalwal Mineral Reservation Area Management Plan, NEDA   seeks to accomplish the DMRAMP by year 2032 to the improve provision of social and health infrastructure facilities.

“Towards the attainment of self-reliance in the Diwalwal Mineral Reservation Area (DMRA), the improvement or provision of social and health infrastructure support facilities such as the construction of buildings for skills training, livelihood development and spiritual enrichment, more classrooms for students, hospitals and healthcare facilities, and sanitation and disposal facilities, among others,” NEDA said in a statement Wednesday, Oct. 12.

NEDA said the plan “identifies measures to address the problems brought about by the mining activities since the gold rush started in Diwalwal.”

NEDA said present Diwalwal Road Network limits the delivery of needed social services to the communities. Apart from the road network,  it said the plan would focus on developing  “spring water system to deliver potable water to the families in Barangay Mt. Diwata as well as in the adjoining barangays.”

According to NEDA, other facilities that need to be provided in Barangay Mt. Diwata are adequate safe and decent housing, health facilities like clinics and day care centers; schools; multi-purpose building/facilities for livelihood training and other community events; and agricultural facilities. (

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