Withholding of P125 Bill Insults Women — Gabriela

Jan. 28, 2007

DAVAO CITY — “Unlike Mrs. Gloria Arroyo, the Filipino women have already gone beyond budgeting insufficient income way below the daily cost of living of the common Filipino households.”

Luzviminda Ilagan, Gabriela Women’s Party (GWP) National Chairperson, expressed this as she condemns Malacaang’s support to the House of Representatives in withholding the 125 Wage Increase Bill or House Bill 345.

Last Wednesday, Press Secretary Ignacio Bunye declared that Malacaang supports the move of the Congress to temporarily shelve the House Bill to legislate 125 wage increase for broader consultations in consideration to business concerns.

Ilagan said that appropriating budget to ensure nutritious meal on the table, tuition fee and allowances for schoolchildren, and payments for water and electricity bills has long been a depressing task for the women and the Filipinos.

“In fact, it pains their hearts to have nothing left for medication when a family member has been ill. This is one of the reasons why Gabriela Women’s Party pushed for a legislated wage hike nationwide.” Ilagan stressed.

In the 12th Congress, Liza Masa, GWP Representative co-authored a house bill to increase the minimum wage of Filipino workers.

“We doubt if GMA had imagined how a Filipino family survives under the country’s worsening economic condition.” Ilagan added.

GWP Chairperson said that instead of attending to this immediate demand to alleviate poverty that a household struggles to overcome everyday, Mrs. Arroyo has rather been concerned of the “disasters” employers will face if wages are increased.

According to Ilagan the most important thing that detaches GMA from the rest of the Filipino women is the concern for the interests of their families.

As the supposed “mother of the nation”, the women party-list believes Mrs. Arroyo has failed to provide every Filipino family a decent living by choosing to bury our workers’ wages into the pits.”

“As GMA shelves House Wage Bill to favor business sectors, the women, with the Filipino people, will not allow their hopes and dreams be shelved, as well, under the silver platter in lavish buffets in the mansion of this woman president.” Illagan ended. #

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