Envi group pushes green spaces, quarrying cap in Council’s climate change plan

Jan. 31, 2021

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – As the Davao City Council adopts the National Climate Change Action Plan, an environmental group has pushed for more specific actions for environment protection in the city.

Last Tuesday, the council discussed on second reading the ordinance adopting the 2019-2023 Local Climate Change Action Plan (LCCAP) of the city government that will include climate change adaptation in the city’s development plans.

The proponent of the ordinance, Councilor Diosdado Angelo Mahipus Jr, said there is a need for this ordinance “to increase resiliency and adaptability of structures and communities to the onslaught of disasters and disruptive climate change events.”

The ordinance is in response to the city executive’s LCCAP that was created on December 208 that focused on “Greenhouse Gas Inventory Mitigation and Adaptation”.

The environmental group Interfacing Development Interventions for Sustainability (IDIS) lauded the proposal as it has lobbied in the planning for LCCAP for concrete environment protection programs.

Among their proposals include the installation of permeable paving systems, establishing more parks and green spaces, flood mitigation, rainwater harvesting, and urban resiliency. Some of these proposals had been included in the LCCAP.

IDIS is also pursuing more plans such as more pedestrian and bicycle safety lanes for the reduction of carbon and fossil fuel emissions.

Moratorium on quarrying

The group further wants to include the moratorium in sand and gravel quarrying and a study on the current situation of the Davao River.

IDIS researcher Lemuel Manalo said such study will help the city government determine the volume of the quarry operation, extraction, and rehabilitation in the area.

Davao City has several approved quarry operations for commercial sand and gravel in Davao, Lasang, Matina Pangi, and Talomo Rivers.

The group noted the need for environment planning especially that the city is highly vulnerable to climate disasters like the recent overflow of Matina Pangi last January and recent floods in the past years.

The proposed ordinance to adopt the LCCAP is set to fulfill the mandate by the Department of Interior and Local Government requiring local government units to develop their respective LCCAP based on the National Climate Change Action Plan (NCCAP).

The NCCAP was formulated way back in 2011 by the government’s Climate Change Commission, which pushes for a development framework prioritizing food security, water sufficiency, ecological and environmental stability, climate-sensitive industries and services, and sustainable energy. (davaotoday.com)

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