Panigan-Tamugan watershed as Davao water source must be protected – envi group

Feb. 17, 2020

DAVAO CITY, Philippines — A local environmental group here urged everyone to protect the Panigan-Tamugan watershed to keep a clean water source for Dabawenyos.

Interface Development Interventions (IDIS) executive director Chinkie Golle said, in a press conference, that Panigan-Tamugan watershed should remain clean as one of the sources of clean water of Davao.

In its monitoring of the river, IDIS reported that from the “Class AA” or the highest quality of water is now in “Class A” status due to some factors surrounding the watershed. Golle assured the public, however, that the water is still clean for drinking consumption.

Golle pointed to the factors of water pollution as the main reason why the watershed needs protection.

“Sadly, in terms of cleanliness in the surroundings, it is not the same. Our Bantay Bukid for instance who does clean-up recovers a lot of garbage,” said Golle.

Some recovered domestic wastes as stated by Golle came from residential houses that improperly disposed of their garbage directly to the watershed. She added that the increasing population surrounding the watershed also affects the current status of the water.

Other garbage also came from mountain climbers and trekkers visiting the area.

“Even the trekkers and climbers are disposing of their waste improperly. When it’s raining these waste will go down the river,” she added.

Golle also mentioned that big factors also include the presence of big agricultural plantations and companies adjacent to the water source. Golle identified plantations using pesticides and fertilizer residues that also contribute to water pollution.

IDIS suggested that local legislation set boundaries to limit economic activities and other pollutants near the watershed. (

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