Philippines: Greenpeace ‘Shocked’ by Report on RP’s Climate Troubles

Apr. 09, 2007

Greenpeace Statement on IPCC report released yesterday in Brussels:

Manila, 7 April 2007–Key findings of the new IPCC report say that:
-it is likely that climate change will induce mass extinction of species
within 60 to 70 years
-the number of people at risk from water scarcity is likely to rise from
tens of millions to billions
-reductions in food production capacity in the poorest parts of the
world, are projected
-small islands, subsaharan Africa, Asian mega deltas and the Arctic
regions are the most vulnerable, and
-huge numbers of people will be at risk due to sea level rise, storm
surges, and river flooding in the Asian mega deltas.

Greenpeace Campaigns Director Von Hernandez said:

“The report is shocking. Greenpeace has warned that time is nearly out
to prevent the dramatic, harmful and dangerous impacts projected to
happen in the coming decades. If we fail to act quickly, decisively, and
with great vigour, there will soon be nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

“However, there is still time for an energy revolution that will
dramatically transform our energy system, moving toward a carbon-free
economy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions to a level that will keep the
global average temperature increase well below 2 degrees centigrade, to
avoid the most catastrophic impacts.

“The Philippines is among the most vulnerable countries. Aside from
recurring typhoons and drought, sea level rise is a major threat to
marine ecosystems and to coastal human populations and their
livelihoods. Climate change will amplify the socio-economic
burdens already shouldered by Filipino families, such as hunger and
water scarcity, and will worsen the existing disparity of living
standards between the rich and the poor.

“It is imperative that the government acts now and choose an energy
development path built on clean and renewable sources of energy, to pave
the way for a secure and sustainable future.”

For further information:
Von Hernandez, Campaigns Director, +63 917 526 3050
Abigail Jabines, Climate and Energy Campaigner, +63 917 886 4767
Lea Guerrero, Media Campaigner, +63 916 3744969

Greenpeace released a paper last Tuesday entitled “The Philippines: A
Climate Hotspot” which gives an overview of how extreme weather events
and sea level rise threaten the countrys people, economy, species, and
ecosystems. Notably, the new Greenpeace report shows how: 1) only 1 of
the 16 regions of the Philippines is not vulnerable to a one meter rise
in sea level, 2) the regions and provinces most susceptible to sea level
rise, extreme weather events, and landslides are also among those with
the highest poverty incidence, and 3) the cost of the impacts of extreme
weather events brought about by typhoons and increased rainfall, already
in the hundred millions, is steadily rising.

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