Most Davao businesses don’t have continuity plan – PCCI

Jan. 28, 2020

DAVAO CITY, Philippines — Majority of businesses in the Davao region failed to secure their Business Continuity Plan (BCP), which would be helpful in case a disaster happens.

This was disclosed by Arturo Milan, regional governor of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Monday, who claimed that many of the businesses in the region, composed of micro-enterprises, do not know about BCP and its importance in business management.

“Having a BCP may give entrepreneurs an idea of what to do with their businesses before a disaster could even happen,” Milan said.

The BCP identifies risks that can disrupt a company’s operations, and creates a system of prevention and recovery involving its personnel and assets. It is therefore considered an important part of a company’s management strategy.

According to the 2018 data of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), 99.2% of the business sector in the Davao region is composed of micro-enterprises. These businesses are the most vulnerable during disasters that could affect the economic situation in the region.

Milan cited Davao del Sur as an example of an area where micro businesses were greatly affected by the successive strong quakes last year.

“You can’t see the effect on the larger scale economy but within the city or province like Davao del Sur, the effect is obvious,” said Milan.

Despite the need for BCP among the business sector, Milan said only a few are interested in attending the seminars required for its acquisition.

The chamber, together with the Asia Pacific Alliance for Disaster Management Philippines or APAD, offers a seminar on BCP to local businessmen. Most micro businessmen, however, find it difficult to allot a many hours to the activity.

“A seminar is a two-day event and most of the micro-business owners have difficulties attending because they are the ones managing their business,” he added.

Though BCPs are necessary, the local government does not have the capacity to require business owners to secure their BCP as part of the requirements for securing a business permit. (

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