Philippines: Grecil Was Victim of Arroyos War on Terror

Apr. 26, 2007

MANILA — The military desperately fumbles with their alibis for they cannot explain why they killed a nine-year old girl. After saying she is a combatant, the AFP points its finger on the father. In dire attempts to cover up their crime, the helpless military cannot even get its own story straight.

This was the reaction of Gabriela Womens Party Rep. Liza Largoza-Maza to Brig. Gen. Carlos Holganzas implication that the father could be the combatant who allowed Grecil to play with the firearm, thus exposing her to crossfire. Grecil, first and foremost, is a victim of the regimes war on terror. It would do the military good to stop dismissing the death of the nine-year old child they brutally shot in the head as mere crossfire incident. Such dismissal only exposes the fascist, heartless character of the administration they are serving.

Rep. Maza said that the military is only trying to escape responsibility by insisting that Grecil or her father is a combatant. Unfortunately for the AFP, their tall tale would never sell because if there is anyone capable of violence more than anyone else, it is them. The 845 individuals, 160 of which are women and children, killed under the GMA regime for various political reasons is more than adequate to prove such brutality.

The militant legislator concluded, We call for an independent autopsy that will surely disprove AFPs desperate attempt to dodge accountability. Punish the military for claiming the young life of Grecil and for the grief of her family that ensued after such loss. Justice for Grecil and for her family. ###

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