DAVAO CITY – Juvenile crimes here are on a decline and the city agency catering to the welfare of children ascribed it to the various social interventions.

The Quick Response Team For Children’s Concern (QRTCC) said on Thursday that there was a “sudden decrease” on the involvement of minors in crimes.

The QRTCC said most of juvenile crimes were committed by what it labelled as Children in Conflict with the Law (CICL) and the Children At Risk (CAR).

Minda Silvano, QRTCC chief, said the sudden decrease “has to do with the awareness of the children of the crimes done and as well as interventions and advocacy done by the different barangays in the city”.

Silvano said the number of children referred to them decreased from 20-30 last year to zero to five children this year.

“As of now, we don’t have any client who went to the office with regards to these problems,” she said.  Silvano is also the head of the City Social Services and Development Office, which operates the QRTCC to respond to children concern.

“The interventions are to really rescue them from harm of committing such crimes and to give them awareness of not doing these crimes,” she said.

“Social workers have also helped us with the intervention and giving awareness to these children, which is why there is also a decrease in the criminality of the CICLs and CARs,“ she said.

With the Davao City’s theme, “Davao, life is here”, the sharp decrease of the criminality rate involving children have been a good reputation that the city maintains.

Silvano said they also provided several interventions and seminars for the children and as well as for the parents of these children since it is their direct responsibility.

Silvano said the city policy is “to rescue children from criminal minds who want to use them in committing crime.”

“We will not apprehend these children, but instead rescue them and give them comfort. Most importantly, give them the proper counseling and intervention for them not to do it again,” she said.

“We also do some quarterly round table discussions in order for us to assess the needs of the children and as well as the needs of our office to continue these activities,” she added.

Silvano said they have done a holistic approach in doing interventions on children “which is also the reason for the sudden decrease”. (davaotoday.com)

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