Philippines: Arroyo Guilty of Double Standard in Campbell, Posa Cases

Apr. 26, 2007

MANILA — Its double standard and theres no other way to call it.

This was according to GABRIELA Secretary General Emmi De Jesus who accosted the Macapagal-Arroyo administration for its quick responses when it comes to complaints and requests from US citizens yet plays blind and deaf to the murder and rape of its own people.

According to De Jesus, the administrations quick reaction to the murder of Peace Corps volunteer Julia Campbell reveals much. Within days, there is a manhunt for Campbells suspected perpetrator. Yet, the regime has not arrested even one of the murderers who killed 160 women and children since GMA became president. All remain on the loose and able to continue the killing rampage with alarming pace and brazenness.

The militant leader said in rage, It has been 14 days since Maria Luisa Posa-Dominado from was abducted with Nilo Arado on April 12. It is nothing but fourteen days of inaction from this otherwise quick reacting regime.

She clarified that there is nothing wrong with quick reactions per se, if only such promptness would serve the Filipino people as well. De Jesus concluded, We have had enough of pretensions from this heartless, passive regime. If it is sincere in solving Campbells murder, then it should show the same eagerness in stopping the political killings, especially of women and children.###

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