Philippines: Gabriela Hits Regime for Abduction of Woman Human Rights Defender

Apr. 13, 2007

13 April 2007
Reference: Rep. Liza Maza, GABRIELA Womens Partylist (09209134540)

GWP hits regime for abduction of woman human rights defender

This regime, true to its anti-women and violent nature, seems intent on silencing every woman who dared speak against it. Maria Luisa Posa-Dominado who was abducted last night in Panay Island has been hounded by similar threats since the 80s when she began her work as a woman activist. Now, though the administration has succeeded in abducting Luisa, her fellow women will not rest until she is released.

Such was the guarantee of Gabriela Womens Partylist Representative Liza Maza who added that GABRIELA has campaigned for the release of Posa-Dominado and her daughter under the Free Our Sisters, Free Ourselves Campaign when they were illegally detained during the late 80s.

According to Rep. Maza, the said movement is a campaign of human rights defenders against political persecution. This regime is no different from the martial rule that persecuted Luisa then. In fact, it seems to be even more murderous and despotic than past administrations.

Rep. Maza explained that Posa-Dominado and her companions are among the victims since the Second Session in the Philippines of the Permanent Peoples Tribunal concluded recently. The regime has lost all shame. It has received the most scathing of judgment when renowned human rights workers worldwide who served as jurors condemned it as guilty of crimes against humanity. Yet it still has the audacity to continue its attacks against its own people.

But its a losing battle for the regime, she pointed out. Gabriela Womens Party will not take these political attacks sitting down. We are women stronger than a regime in ruins such as GMAs. Thus, we will not stop until Maria Luisa Posa-Dominado and her companion are released and until there is retribution for their killed companion. We will not rest until there is justice for every women and child who suffered from political violence under this tyranny of murderers. ###

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